London Photography

My Girlfriend Serena and I recently travelled to London to see her Family so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photography. Not just architectural but also documentary style, some portrait of Serena and my brother who lives close by in Cambridge. We visited The V&A, The Tate Modern, Hyde Park, Hamstead Heath and loads of other places. I really enjoyed taking photographs at the V&A's ceramic collection which is HUGE! As I like Macro Photography there is still a bit of that in there at it was a crazy 34c outside when I got there which I'm really not used to up in Newcastle. A few of the architectural shots were actually taken with the macro lens and the London Shard picture is a whopping 180 mega pixels! Stitched together from 17 separate photographs. At the Tate Modern I concentrated on shooting people admiring the artworks in a way that actually frames them inside of the piece and makes the observer a part of the Artwork itself. I even got to try this with a Picasso. I hope you enjoy all of the different styles of Photography here Chris Egon Searle

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